Terms and Conditions

 Terms And Conditions at KT’s Academy Of Performing Arts

1.Fees are payable termly in advance and no later than the second class of each new term. If your child terms up to the class without the fee having been paid, and unless you have a prior written agreement with KT’s Academy as regards to fee payments, they will not be allowed to participate in the class.

2.A written reminder after the second week for fees outstanding will incur a late payment fee of £5.00 per class until the total fee as been paid.

3. Fees are based on a 10-13 week term.

4.All refunds are to be discussed and agreed fairly upon KT’s Academy Of Performing Arts and the Pupil/Guardian requesting the refund.

5.Should any pupil wish to discontinue any class or leave the school, refunds for any unused classes will not be given.

6.Pupils are required to attend class wearing the correct suitable clothing.(Get in touch if you wish to purchase any of KT’s Academy’s Uniform).

7. Pupils will not be allowed to leave the venue area, where the class is being held until they are collected. Written permission is required should you wish your child to be allowed unsupervised.

8. Please ensure that KT’s Academy receives any changes to pupil’s contact details in writing.

9.pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the schools terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct.

10.There can be an increase on fee’s at anytime, with written notice.

11. By enrolling my son/daughter into KT’s Academy Of Performing Arts School, I confirm that I accept the above terms and conditions.

KTs Academy Health & Safety COVID19 Guidelines

Based on the government’s advise and guidelines, KTsacademy have made some changes so we can all continue to operate and ensure everyone feels safe at studios, including:

– Increased sanitizing of surfaces in communal areas such as floors, door handles, toilet, sink areas.

Sanitizing of all studio floors regularly and providing disinfectant wipes for clients to use before and after use of studios.

When possible in a venue, to have all windows open.

– Staggered Entry for large groups

Please follow the instructions on hygiene and social distancing as displayed around the building to keep yourself and everyone safe. By attending a class at KTs Academy you agree to abide by these rules.

ALL students MUST queue outside the venue (2m apart) no more than 5 minutes before their class starts.
Their teacher will collect each student at the door, directing them where to go one at a time.
No students will be allowed to enter the venue before sanitizing on entry.
No parents/guardians at anytime will be allowed to enter the venues.
If you have any questions/concerns and need to speak with a teacher, you must call miss KT before hand on 07581578771.
All parents are welcome to see the guideline measures we have put into place at the venues to keep the children safe. But you MUST make an appointment to arrive before the students do.
ALL students must not attend classes if you develop or have symptoms of coronavirus. This includes- persistent cough, high temperature or fever, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.
Each student will have their own allocated space on a marker to adhere to social distancing (All teachers @KTs Academy have been given this equipment).
new risk assessments with each venues we use have been issued to comply with COVID 19.
Staff have been supplied with cleaning facilities to sanitise between each class.
All staff have PPE if they need to perform first aid within the class safely .
Matts for Acro will be given out one per child and thoroughly sanitized down between each class.